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Savannah Kittens Available

Specializing in F2 Savannah Kittens. We breed some of the largest and most wild looking savannah cats available. We are a TICA registered Savannah Breeder offering F2 – F6 Savannah kittens. I won’t say our kittens are cheaper than others, but I will say ours are certainly a cut above. Phone us at 419 533 3719.

Savannah KittensF2 Savannah Kittens Available

Savannah KittensF6 Savannah Kittens Available

The Savannah Cats are the worlds largest domesticated breed. We achieve that by breeding an African serval to a domesticated cat to produce the F1 Generation Savannah cats. Then we match F1 Queens to a male giving us F2 Generation. The largest would be the F1 generation while also being the most expensive. Once there have been 3 generations of purebred breeding, it is known as an SBT Kitten. Many families find the SBT kittens a better choice for them as they still have the beautiful spots, long legs and personality at a less expensive cost. Currently offering generation F2 and F6 Savannah kittens for sale.

Our Savannah Cats are raised under foot and well socialized. They get used to about every noise you can think of. Instead of running from a vacuum, they run to it to ride on it. They think it’s an extra toy just for them. We have been a Savannah breeder for many years. We are experienced in all generations. So please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have. If we don’t have the savannah kitten your looking for, we know many Savannah breeders and can help you find just the right kitten. Please keep in mind, we are a closed cattery. This means we don’t allow tours of our cats. Please see our page to understand why. It is in the best interest of the Savannah Kittens health.

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